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David A. Cruz is an information security and assurance expert with 10 years of experience helping organizations enhance their security programs. David has implemented enterprise-wide security awareness and education programs and has launched several user-awareness initiatives. He successfully conducted hundreds of assessments associated with various industry standards for some of the largest financial institutions.

David has a bachelor’s degree in information security and a master’s degree in information assurance. He is a certified information security professional (CISSP), and he holds the Global Information Assurance Certification: Security Essentials (GSEC). He serves as a board member for the Florida Chapter of International Systems Security Association (ISSA) and is a member of the steering committee council for ISSA International. David is also a member of the executive forum of ISSA. He is an International Consortium (ISC)2 Safe and Secure online instructor, teaching primarily elementary school children how to protect themselves online and become responsible cyber citizens. He is currently a professor at ITT Technical institute, where he teaches future security professionals how to implement practical measures to protect their organizations.

Throughout his career, David has developed a comprehensive understanding of the pain executives face today. His passion, optimism, and commitment for helping organizations enhance their information security programs led to the idea of writing this book. David’s dream of being a security evangelist starts with his forthcoming book, EXPOSED! What You Ought to Know about Securing Your Business Information: The New Age Cybersecurity Handbook.


Aquiles Tan

Author of My Second Chance
“Cyber resilience is the buzzword in business these days and David throws light on how to approach it effectively and make the most out of it..”

Susie Nelsen

Author of Finishing Well
“What a fantastic, straightforward and honest book. Congratulations David!”

Dan Mercer

Author of The Platinum Touch
“Powerful, practical and solid advice on protecting your intellectual property with confidence. Apply David's knowledge and you’ll feel much more resilient.”

Alexander Figueroa

Author of Assess This!
“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for managing information risks that simply work. A fantastic book.”

Jarod Anderson and T.L. Anderson

Authors of Five Star Mentality
“A collection of ideas from the most brilliant minds in the industry, a must have.”

Jeffrey Alan Grinel

Author of Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain
“If you fail to apply these principles now, you’ll hate yourself later."
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