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Cybersecurity is a promise statement for every business, regardless of the industry or fortune status. Just as biological cells collectively protect the human body, so must everyone within an organization work together to collaboratively protect its security. This can be a challenging endeavor—one that requires commitment, execution, and resources. It is not surprising that thousands of books have been written on this topic, but most offer only technical perspectives and are usually written for a technical audience. In this book, you will find new strategies to align information security with your business objectives. Two key principles are highlighted throughout the chapters: clarity of purpose and effective collaboration. While everyone can benefit from the details and advice in this book, it is specifically geared for business leaders and boards of directors. In short, EXPOSED! offers information that will provide business leaders with the appropriate skills to protect their company’s valuable information. The call is for immediate action with the notion that everyone is a target, everyone is vulnerable, and everyone is exposed! If you are a business leader who is responsible and accountable for protecting an organization’s brand and assets, you are invited to read and to practically apply the nuggets of information security knowledge found within the pages of this book.


  • Understand legal and compliance cyber risks applicable to your organization
  • Define cybersecurity governance metrics that your board needs to know
  • Delegate priorities which focus on protecting your intellectual properties
  • Mandate cybersecurity strategies that align with your business vision
  • Formulate cost effective and measurable cybersecurity priorities
  • Plan strategic and innovative measures to mitigate cybersecurity liabilities
  • Understand the various cybersecurity myths and expand your knowledge
  • Execute organization policies and procedures that aligned with your mission
  • Identify a number of practices and activities that are wasting resources


  • Business executive’s personal liabilities are relevant to data privacy
  • Understand quantifiable statistics and metrics that produce value
  • Learn innovative methods to eliminate imminent business failures
  • Build a cybersecurity program based on continuous improvement
  • Employ a competent cybersecurity executive for your organization
  • Understand how to proactively identify downstream liabilities
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in an organization
  • Mandate clear, concise, and enforceable enterprise policies
  • Examine appropriate security strategies that align with your mission
  • A resilient model that is practical, applicable, and measurable

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